Which Hosting is Better for WordPress – DigitalOcean or WP Engine?

Basically, you’re asking two different hosting provider where DigitalOcean does deliver unmanaged VSP cloud hosting and WP Engine provide managed WordPress Hosting. Hence, you’ve basic knowledge of UNIX and handling server with Terminal, then you can go straight to DigitalOcean. Cheaper and reliable with fully customize and full control cloud hosting. You can do pretty…

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Malaysia 1st Official Divi MeetUp

Hey guys! I’m back again after quite some time without posting anything on my blog page. Been busy with several big projects that need to be deliver in short period of time. Well, it is the time for new post regarding the first Official Divi MeetUp in Malaysia. Divi? Yes. It is a one of…

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Typeform Data Breach – File Security Incident [UPDATED]

There is recent outbreak news recently where Typeform’s Founder has sent an email to all users regarding data breach to their survey platform, Typeform 14 hours ago. Their discovered that an unknown third party has gained an access to their server and downloaded information including respondents provided in their survey form. There is no Typeform…

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