The Key Success to Optimal Lead Generation

Your lead generation strategy may seem successful on paper, but not result in any new customers. Leads are only valuable if some of them convert into clients. You must target the right interested parties, and the way you follow up after you find those new contacts can mean success or failure.

Capturing information from disinterested parties isn’t always easy. Turning people from curious browsers into leads is an even bigger mountain to climb.

Fortunately, you can up your odds that people convert from browsers into fans. We’ll look at six methods you can use for successful lead generation and some examples of companies hitting the mark with their landing pages.

1. Know Your Audience

You’ve likely heard this advice when studying content writing, marketing and any number of other topics related to running a business. The idea gets repeated so often because it is a vital component of successful online lead generation. If you don’t know who your typical buyer is, it’s much harder to create custom messages drawing them to your site. Once they land on your page, you must know how to best engage them.

Take time to study your site’s analytics. See where most of your visitors come from and track which ones share their information once arriving. Dig into your customer database. What things do most of your patrons have in common? Study your competition. What market segments do they target, and should you focus on a different group or the same ones?



knows that is exactly what the target audience wants, so it puts it right out there and explains how it can help.

2. Use Landing Pages

When you’re trying to capture leads, you want to send people to the exact portion of the buyer’s journey they’re on. Landing pages allow you to target different segments of your audience and even personalize the experience. The offer can be based on where they came from, the marketing campaign or any other factors. The more landing pages you have, the better your chances of collecting information from site visitors.

3. Offer Options

Your home page should offer a variety of options to meet the needs of different audience demographics. For example, if you sell to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), you would ask a question to funnel the user through the proper pages and to the right offers. The more refined you can get without wasting a lot of their time, the better your odds of turning them from a browser into a subscriber.

one point partitions


One Point Partitions does an excellent job of showing the many color options available. This highlights how it can meet the needs of almost any business decor. It also utilizes a bright CTA button offering the chance for a custom quote. The combination of showing variations and a strong CTA above the fold helps convert many site visitors into leads.

4. Add Live Chat

People may not take the time to email you and ask a question, but if a pop-up asks them if they have any questions, they’ll participate. A live chat feature engages the user and shows them you care about their concerns. The chat itself is another way to capture information from site visitors. Require an email and the first name to utilize the feature. You can then follow up via email if the chat doesn’t result in a sale.

5. Give Them Something

One of the most common strategies for lead generation is offering something for free. You must figure out what your clients’ pain points are. Once you know the issues driving them to seek a solution, it is much easier to provide a free e-book, webinar, guide or video series on the topic. Require a short registration form to access the freebie.


bed bath and beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond grabs your attention with a pop-up offering 20% off if you sign up. Since the person is likely interested in buying something, an offer for a discount sweetens the deal. While a coupon is one promo you can offer, it really could be anything you might imagine. The key is finding something of value to your target audience.

6. Free Versions

If you sell a service or software, you can offer a free version to draw in leads. The no-cost solution should give them an idea of your premium platform’s capabilities without giving away everything. It needs to be useful to them, so they come to depend on your program. Then, as they need more services, they can upgrade to premium levels.


Follow Up Is Everything

Once you’ve captured qualified leads, what do you do with them? It doesn’t do you much good to gain a bulky mailing list of prospects and not use it. Have an approach in mind for the first contact, and retarget people who expressed an interest and then fell through the cracks. Assign salespeople to reach out to anyone who shared their information.

Companies who use lead generation successfully have a plan for every phase of the buyer’s journey and follow up with each person more than once. That’s what leads to conversions.

Lexie is a digital nomad and graphic designer. If she’s not traveling to various parts of the country, you can find her at the local flea markets or hiking with her goldendoodle. Check out her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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