I'm super passionate about design beautiful WordPress websites that get results, because when your business succeeds, so does my business too.

I hope that by sharing little bit of my background, you’ll allow me to become a part of yours. 


Hello World!
I'm Zahid Aramai

Let’s watch my intro video first!

At this point, you know that I design and develop custom WordPress websites,
as well providing SEO Services in Malaysia.

Hmmm. If you’re not…

I’m a Remote Freelancer Web Design Malaysia!

I’m a Malaysian and living here in Kuala Lumpur with my lovely family.

Well, you might want to know who I am?

I am a simple open-minded guy and love to travel worldwide to meet different people along the way. I did spend my time on video gaming, walking in the park nearby my home, ride a commuter to my office (full-time working in Oil & Gas Industry) and enjoy listening to my favorite music on Spotify.

A bit more… 

I am super passionate about web development, machine learning, and business. I’ve been very fortunate to master all three, and education shouldn’t stop here. I spend most of my time working with WordPress CMS, including Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, and PHP from a technical perspective together with vast experience in technical SEO analysis.

New web technologies and breaking through Machine Learning makes me super duper excited. I can’t wait to see what is to come on the web in the next few years. 

zahid aramai,about

A few years ago, I had attended and contributed to numerous conferences, workshops, meetups, and events worldwide.

The most recent big conference ever attended was Web Summit 2018 held in Lisbon, Portugal, with my marketing staff from France. We spent the whole four-day meeting full of the newest technology discoveries, big agencies, and players worldwide such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many more.

Another upcoming big event will be WordCamp Asia (WordPress Workshop) on 21-23 February 2020, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

See you there, if you’re coming too…

Absolutely! Is there any other way? When we work together, your website will be simple to navigate with easy-to-read content on any and every device on Earth.

Zahid Aramai at Web Summit 2018, Lisbon Portugal

In the end, you might probably wonder why I’m still doing web design part-time but living comfortably with my full-time career in Oil & Gas. Am I right?


The answers were quite simple and easy. I’m super duper passionate about website development and design since primary school. Even in Oil & Gas, I am still working with data crunching and Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).

When not designing websites, I love to spend my time with my beautiful wife Ilham, my daughters Alisha, my family, and my friends. In the winter season, I love to travel around the world and spend most of the time to learn about their culture and history. I’m quite obsessed with cold weather and hope I could spend more time playing ski. LOL

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zahid aramai,about

About Zahid Aramai

Zahid Aramai is a Freelancer Kuala Lumpur based Web development company (registered under KLCube Network Enterprise 002580717-P) in Malaysia specialized in delivering quality, cost-effective, user-friendly, and result-oriented web designing, website development, and eCommerce Website Development and online marketing (SEO and SEM) solutions for a global clientele. My professional, creative, and expert designing skills, guided by the customer-centric approach, help you turn your website into a sales engine.

Zahid Aramai started as a Freelance WordPress Web Designer in Malaysia in 2012, and since then, I have established myself as a leading freelancer player in the market. I have served over 350+ clients in more than 25 countries worldwide, and 70% of my clients coming from my local Malaysian, including names like Tesco, DMMS Perodua, Nespresso, and many more, from Malaysia.

What I Will Promise

Perfect Solution
Every business is unique and therefore requires a unique solution for their problem statement. I will promise you a perfect solution based on your unique business requirements.

On-Time Delivery
The purpose of a project can be lost if it’s not completed within the defined time frame. With proper time management, I will never take any web project more than 4-5 in a month. Thus, I can promise you complete control over the project schedule.

Top-Notch Technologies
The tech world constantly keeps evolving, and technologies popular today can become outdated tomorrow. I will keep ourselves in real-time sync with these evolutions and keep adapting to new technologies and frameworks. I do ensure that our client gets the maximum benefits of current technologies in the tech world.

Awards I've Won

Hard work always pays off. Zahid Aramai (and KLCube Network as registered SSM Company in Malaysia) has earned widespread recognition as a leading web development company in Malaysia. Many leading research firms like Malaysia Website Awards (MWA), GoodFirms & Clutch have awarded me Top Freelance Web Designer Malaysia, Top Web Development Company, and worldwide.

zahid aramai,about
zahid aramai,about

Being A Jury Panel for MWA Since 2019-2022

Awards Zahid Aramai - About Me

Won Award for

Awards Zahid Aramai 2- About Me

Won Award for

Personal Goals in 2020

I’ve set my personal development goals and enhancing my skills towards achieving a better version of myself.

List Of Web and WP Related Events Attended

I love to attend all meetups, conferences, and workshops related to web development. Hence, I can keep myself updated on new trends and technology.

Skillset & Coding Skills

I’m a super passionate self-learner geek and still learning through online courses like Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube.

Apps, Editor & Terminal I've Used

I use some pieces of my personal editor, terminal, and apps to develop websites and communicate with my clients.

My Coding Journey

I learned a programming language and wrote code during my free time, even on weekends with Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube!

Workstation Setup

I do have high performance and quality devices for me to develop creative websites and running model for machine learning.

Custom Workstation Zahid Aramai 1 on About Me Page
zahid aramai,about
Custom Workstation Zahid Aramai 6 on About Me Page - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
zahid aramai,about
zahid aramai,about
Laptop and iPad Zahid Aramai 4 on About Me Page - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia


My sweet moments were captured from the client’s meeting, attending a conference, meetup, and personal life, including traveling trips.

ClientMeeting-2 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
ClientMeeting-1 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
ClientMeeting-7 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
ClientMeeting-6 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
ClientMeeting-3 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
ClientMeeting-8 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia

My Happy Clients

I love to deliver beyond my client’s expectations, and they keep asking me to assist their digital assets while they focus on business.

Clients-Logo-Zahidaramai-S2-10 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
Clients-Logo-Zahidaramai-S2-9 - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia