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software development trends to follow in 2023
Digital Marketing

Software Development Trends to Follow in 2023

The Software development dynamics keep on changing day in and day out! Not to mention the impact of new and disruptive technologies is pretty high that businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical are compelled to jump on the bandwagon to meet the needs and requirements of their valued customers.

list of 10 best web development tools to consider
Web Design

List of 10 Best Web Development Tools to Consider

Web development is the means of creating and updating web pages. Web developers use
different frontend and backend languages like Python, PHP, and JavaScript and development
tools to build optimized user-friendly sites.

12 tips to lock down your wordpress website
WordPress Tips

12 Tips to Lock Down Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) and powers millions of websites. But like any other system, it’s vulnerable to cyberattacks.

5 Effective Ways to Make Your Website More Secure
Digital Marketing

5 Effective Ways to Make Your Website More Secure

It’s essential to take website security seriously as a digital marketer. Because it’s generally prudent and because online security can directly affect your SEO rankings

How To Be WordPress Web Designer for Beginner
Web Design

5 Tips How To Become WordPress Web Designer

Everyone can be a WordPress Web Designer especially for Beginner where they can learn all those skills from online course and Youtube for FREE.

Webinar on Improve Website Speed to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Zahid Aramai

Webinar on Improve Website Speed to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Website speed and performance are crucial factors that will make a huge difference in customer behavior. Even in milliseconds, your website loading speed will make a real impact on your sales conversions, especially those who have eCommerce sites.

Do you really need SEO - Zahid Aramai's Blog - Zahid Aramai Freelance Web Designer Malaysia
Digital Marketing

Do You Really Need SEO for Your Website

In today’s highly competitive market, there are a few ways that can help businesses stay ahead of everyone else and establish a name in the

DigitalFest-Square-ZahidAramai-Freelance Web Designer Malaysia

Digital Fest with Zahid Aramai

I love to deliver beyond my clients. Well. If you are looking to learn everything about Digital Transformation, how to shift from offline to online,


10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

When you’ve decided to launch a startup, you have a long and difficult road ahead of you. Just like everywhere, digital marketing in Malaysia takes

Social Media Analytic Tools - NetBase - featured

The Best Free Social Analytics Tools of 2018

With the technological takeover of business and, therefore, advertising, competition in nearly every aspect of running and maintaining a business has become significantly more competitive.

Malaysia 1st Official Divi MeetUp

Malaysia 1st Official Divi MeetUp

Hey guys! I’m back again after quite some time without posting anything on my blog page. Been busy with several big projects that need to

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