Little bit of my Biography and Profile

Teaching yourself to code has never been easier.

To myself with no university certificate in computer science, learning to code seems like an impossibly daunting task.

However, thanks to a number of great resources that have recently been put online for free — teaching yourself to code has never been easier.

I started learning to code in 2010 and can say from experience that learning enough to build your own website is not as hard as it seems.

If you’re smart, hard-working, and passionate about creating amazing consumer web experiences websites, you can start learn it right now.

Else, you can contact me to save years of learning by hiring me.



Dec 2015 – Current

Web Developer Specialist

KLCube Network Inc.

I founded this company, KLCube Network Creative Agency (as of now, 6 employees) based in Malaysia. We aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises to build their website, launch ultimate marketing strategy and eventually get more leads.

Jun 2014 – Current

UpWork (Elance-oDesk) Freelancer


I used UpWork Platform to find new project for Web Developer especially WordPress. As of now, I got most of projects from spread of mouths and portfolio.

Nov 2012 – Current



After graduation, I got my first permanent job at one of top 500 Fortune company, PETRONAS as Reservoir Geophysicist and still working till today.

Jan 2012 – Current

Fiverr Freelancer


I do help most of small sized enterprise and businesses to fix their WordPress, SEO Services and do quick maintenance task in Fiverr Platform. I got my Level 2 on Fiverr within 4 months only. I helped more than 200+ clients to fix bugs, improve their website performance and remove malicious malware. Almost everything.



Physical Science

Labuan Matriculation

I studied Physical Science at Labuan Matriculation for 12 months course.


Science: Geology

University of Malaya

I got my Bachelor Degree at University of Malaya and graduated in end of 2012. In addition to that expensive piece of paper (degree) and a fast-paced, high-energy scientific education, I picked up books, mastered the art of Googling, online learning in Youtube, Udemy, bootcamp and few months later I did mastered WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I just so happen to pick up this interesting new skill, specializing in web development on WordPress Platform.