Website speed and performance are crucial factors that will make a huge difference in customer behavior. Even in milliseconds, your website loading speed will make a real impact on your sales conversions, especially those who have eCommerce sites. 

The conversion rate is the percentage of your total web visitors that convert to sales. For example, if you have 100 users visits to your website or landing page, and 2 users actually click the buy button, the conversion rate would only be 2%. Hence, conversion rate optimization, known as CRO, is common in the marketing world to push this 2% earlier as high as possible. One of the on-going processes to optimize CRO would be further optimizing website speed and performance and improving customer experience.

Then, you will ask me how does website performance has an impact on conversion rates?

Basically, website speed or performance has a large, huge, and measurable effect on your conversion rates. A study that was conducted consistently better results in conversion rates with fast loading website speed. In a much easier statement, the quicker your website loads, the more likely a user to click Buy Button on your website.

Back on the webinar, as mentioned in this post’s title, I was invited by one of Exabytes marketing staff to deliver a quick 15-30 minutes webinar talk related to Website Speed and how to increase conversion rate. 

You may join the webinar to know how to transform your business and increase your website conversion with better web performance speed. 

Date: 4th February 2021
Time: 3 PM-4 PM
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Organized By: Exabytes Designer Club

Webinar on Improve Website Speed to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Zahid Aramai
Webinar on Improve Website Speed to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Zahid Aramai

On my webinar session, I will be sharing;

  • Why Is Speed So Important?
  • Why Is It Important For Conversion Rate?
  • Can Load Times Affect Your Conversion Rate?
  • How To Improve Site Speed?
  • Tools To Improve Website Speed
  • What Impact Does Site Speed Have On SEO?

Please do join the webinar, and you can register it by clicking here

See you there!


Zahid Aramai, Malaysia Freelance Website Designer

Zahid Aramai do help more than 500+ business owner's WordPress Website and currently he's doing an experiment with React Framework for headless WordPress. He rentlessly develop, design and manage client's website as well as fixing WordPress bugs. His #1 goal will always be to meet clients needs and business objective.