With the technological takeover of business and, therefore, advertising, competition in nearly every aspect of running and maintaining a business has become significantly more competitive. There are just more people on the internet, ready and gunning for traffic, customers and, overall, results. Digital marketers are a dime-a-dozen; however, it takes a specific set of skills to become an effective marketer.

Certain software and tools make the digital marketer’s job and campaign efforts infinitely more powerful. In addition to SEO, advertising and content creation, digital marketers must stay on top of current trends and popular practices. According to leaders in social analytics, Netbase, this requires the analysis of many different types of data.

One of the most important sets of data for digital marketers is social media analytics. Social media has become a pillar of daily communication. Most of the population spends their free time scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or Twitter.

Even the president of the United States has almost exclusively endorsed Twitter as a means of communication. In order to provide businesses with excellent marketing efforts, digital marketers must routinely track the social media analytics related to clients’ websites or blogs.

This can be a daunting and tedious process, but, luckily, tools are available for free, made with the sole purpose of alleviating much of the work involved. The following are the 5 best, free social media analytics tools for marketers according to NetBase.

Best Free Social Analytics Tools,Social Analytics,Tools

1. Facebook Insights

Built directly into the Facebook business social media platform interface, Facebook insights help marketers track how well both organic and paid marketing efforts are faring thus far. Allowing marketers to go back as far as 30 days, Facebook insights records and graphs all infographics related to the user engagement of various Facebook pages.

Marketers can even compare results of organic advertisement campaigns versus paid. Facebook Insights also provides analytic data from competitors, including which posts are drawing in traffic for competing pages. This can give marketers a creative edge when performing keyword research and targeting specific audiences.

Best Free Social Analytics Tools,Social Analytics,Tools

2. Twitter Analytics

Twitter also offers its own analytic services, built-in to the website, itself. Twitter analytics shows marketers which tweets are succeeding and to what extent, though the data excludes any reason why certain posts excel further than others. Twitter’s audience data provides valuable information regarding users’ gender and particular interests.

Marketers can also compare data against competitors’ audience or choose the “all of Twitter” option, to compare their page’s social media analytics to those of nearly every other Twitter page.

Best Free Social Analytics Tools,Social Analytics,Tools

3. Pinterest Analytics

Although accessing analytic data on Pinterest requires a Pinterest business account, the information provided is worth far more than simply opening a free business account or converting a personal account.

Ranked in the top 3 of Netbase’s best free social analytic tools, Pinterest analytics lets marketers in on what users are saving from a company’s website, audience metrics and also who else users follow.

Best Free Social Analytics Tools,Social Analytics,Tools

4. Instagram Insights

Like Pinterest, converting a personal Instagram account into a business account is quick, easy, and grants access to insights. Instagram’s insights include impressions, reach and profile views, and interesting infographic information about followers. Instagram even goes as far as showing marketers how often and when followers are typically active on Instagram.

Best Free Social Analytics Tools,Social Analytics,Tools

5. Youtube Analytics

As far as social content goes, Youtube is the undefeated king of hosting content. Youtube analytics, located right inside the built-in “Creator Studio,” provide marketers with watch time and revenue reports, information on audience retention, demographics, devices, and record real-time information about what users are watching right now.

NetBase advises marketers to utilize Youtube’s “average watch time” data as a guideline for front-loading important information into video content.


Lastly, I did across an amazing post from Bulk.ly where they manage to table out the most comprehensive list of social media tools online. Believe me, they probably took sometime to get all of these tools available for their audience. You can check up their post Social Media Tools.


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