In simple words, a website is an online store of your business that shows what services you offer and how customers can reach out to you. A website is like a software or app with a robust front-end for users to see.

Additionally, there is a complex backend that is developed for the interaction of developers and website admins for giving the required functionality to the website.

Once you decide to develop a website, the first question that arises in your mind is – what can be the approximate website development cost, and how to determine the factors affecting the web cost?

The foremost factor that affects development cost is- template website development or custom website development. Solopreneurs usually choose template websites, while large enterprises use custom website development.

Template development is more cost-effective than custom website development. Now, let’s discuss some other factors that easily affect the developing cost of websites. Let’s dive in!

How much does a website cost?

In case you do not want to go through the whole article, the answer to this question is, the cost depends on various factors like complexity, features, technologies used, etc.

You should consider factors like time, manpower, tech skills, etc. while calculating the approximate website development cost. Now, let’s see the factors that are important for developing a website cost.

Estimated Website Development Cost

If you search for website development charges on the Internet, you will find ballpark figures over there. These figures are approximate values that depend on what kind of functionalities you want to add to your website.

For example, if you are constructing a house, what will be its approximate cost of building? You will say that the approximate cost will depend on the type of raw materials used, the design of the house, interior, exterior, wall paint cost, etc.

In a similar way, you should first be clear about the technology to be used for front-end and back-end, the type of website your business needs, functionalities, etc., to get an approximate cost of your website.

Here are some estimated website development costs based on different scenarios:

The average website development cost may range from RM5,000 (for small businesses) to RM100,000+ (for enterprise websites)

  • Generally, the cost of developing a website for small businesses can range from less than RM1500 or RM10,000+
  • For developing a traditional website, you need to spend RM100-RM500. While developing a feature-rich and custom website can be as high as RM30,000 or more.
  • Developing a complex custom website might cost you somewhere between RM2,500-RM95,000 more or less.
  • Developing a website includes designing and launching it which can cost RM12,000 to RM150,000. While routine maintenance of the website can cost RM150-RM5000 per month.

So, these are some estimated costs that affect the general cost of developing a website. Now, let’s discuss the factors affecting the development cost of a website.

Factors Affecting Website Development Cost

Here’s the list of factors that influence the website development cost.

Type of Website

There are multiple solutions available in the website development domain. The solutions for eCommerce websites or solutions for app development are not the same as for developing other websites.

For instance, if you want to develop a personal blog, you will need a WordPress developer and it is the most popular name in the domain of Content Management System (CMS).

While developing any eCommerce website, you will need a Magento or PrestaShop developer who will meet your expectations. In the end, you will have to hire developers as per your business’s website requirements. If you need a custom website, hire developers accordingly. They will help you develop your website from scratch; however, the cost can be high in such scenarios.

Integrated Payment System

Whenever your website has integrated payment systems, it should have additional security measures to avoid user data stealing. Most security mechanisms are used to set up and manage different payment services, but the user still has to enter personal data manually.

Hence, securing the website using SSL is necessary. Using SSL means transforming your website address from HTTP to HTTPS. This way you can ensure that your website is secure, and if users are using the payment system, your data will be safe.

Website Design

The final design of the website is an important element that influences the cost of the website. For example, a website with easy functionality, little to no animation, no hover effects on the CTA buttons, etc., is cheaper than websites with such dynamic functionalities or animation.

Such small dynamic and animated features and functions can cost big bucks!

Additionally, while developing a custom website, you get better brand control. One can make their website look the way they want. However, as developers will need to develop such websites from scratch, the website development cost will be influenced accordingly.

In short, the more the dynamic feature, the more the cost. And, no one, not even startups wants their website to look lifeless. Hence, adding basic animations can make your website lively and provide an amazing user experience.


In the parallel universe, where nothing goes wrong with your website. In the real world, your website will need regular maintenance. Technologies used in your website can break at some point. So, it requires technical solutions to fix these technologies. It’s the cause why regular maintenance and support are necessary while you own a website.

Whenever your site is under maintenance, the technical team will fix the errors and inevitable problems that arise when you host your site.

If you aren’t skilled in the technical field, you can hire seasoned web developers who can run timely maintenance on the website and fix the errors and make the site user-friendly again.

Generally, the number of plugins is directly proportional to the chances of errors getting created on the website. So, if your website is feature-rich, you have to hire well-experienced developers to maintain it because they have enough experience in handling complex websites with grace.

Content of your website

Creating, adding, and maintaining unique and engaging content for your website is truly essential while developing a website for your business.

Without accurate content, your website is nothing; it’s like a barren house. Users cannot understand your business if you have not explained it in your website through writing, and infographics.

For developing relational content for your website, you can hire content writers or freelance writers. You can ask them to write new copies for your website and use these copies in different sections of your website accordingly.

Developing content not only includes writing, it also includes displaying text, videos, pictures, articles, etc. This will have an additional cost for your website.

Hosting rates and Domain charges

If you already have a domain purchase, or will you have to purchase a domain? Certain domain names are quite expensive than others because they are in demand. And, also note when your domain is expiring.

There are other questions like will the web development service provider manage your website’s hosting, or are you managing the hosting and domain on your own? Various situations related to hosting and domain will ultimately affect the website development cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves two main purposes. The first one is to improve your website’s organic ranking and the second purpose is to increase the visitor’s number on the website which can further lead to improved sales.

Nevertheless, SEO is a stream that is not just keyword targeting and link building. It validates and manifests itself in a way like a user goes through each page and then decides whether he/she wants to stay on that page or not.

seo website for costing web development

SEO is about engaging the reader to remain on the site for a longer time. Additionally, some of the SEO best practices include writing keywords on headings, alt tests, CTAs, etc. This technique helps in improving the website’s performance over search engines.

So, these are a few of the measures that affect the development cost of a website. There are many more elements that can scale up or scale down the cost of website development. Let’s know your suggestions and views in the below comment section regarding this article.

Concluding Words

We hope that this article has helped you with knowing the factors that have an impact on the development cost of websites. In simple words, the simpler the website, the less the cost of development. Hence, if you want to develop a complex website, you have to pay a hefty amount. Otherwise, a simple template website will cost you comparatively less than a complex website.

For more such updates and articles, stay tuned with us. happy reading!


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