Web Design

The Do’s and Don’ts of Minimalist Web Design

In minimalist web design, the site loses elements that aren’t 100% necessary and keeps only what is needed for it to function. The main goal of the page is the most important thing. Advantages of this style include faster loading times and a good balance of white space. According to Statista, more than 50% of…

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14 Fundamental Rules of Web Design

What is it about the best websites that make them so attractive to site visitors? User experience (UX) and appealing aesthetics are just two of the essential components of good design. A well-designed site pulls visitors in and engages them from the first moment they land there. An engaging site isn’t created by chance. The…

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5 Ways To Design A Website That Google Will Love

Getting a plum position in a Google search isn’t as easy as one, two, three. Many factors go into Google’s search ranking algorithm, which makes it a somewhat complicated proposition for site designers. After all, popping up at least near the top of the first page is what every designer wants, and the end goal…

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10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

When you’ve decided to launch a startup, you have a long and difficult road ahead of you. Just like everywhere, digital marketing in Malaysia takes a lot of hard work. To help ensure your startup gets off to a roaring start, here are ten digital marketing strategies that can help you succeed.